All About Dick Devos

Most people don’t realize this but both Betsy and Dick Devos are in Washington now. The political couple has been supporting each other through the campaigns for the past decade, but now Devos has joined his wife, the US Education Secretary on Capitol Hill. Of course, it’s in an area that is completely separate from Betsy Devos. However, most saw the move as a surprise given Devos’ background in sales growth and business.


Devos was appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration in September 2017. The council meets once every three months to discuss different policies, regulations, future growth ideas, and budgets. Devos, being an aviation enthusiast, has been praised for his work with airports and airlines. As someone who is an avid pilot, he has been able to work his love of aviation into his business interests, bringing together his friends from business dealings to his aviation world.


That includes the former CEO of Air Tran Airways. Air Tran was a popular airline in the 1990s and early 2000s that provided a lot of cheap flights to and from areas of the US. In 2000s, Devos approached the airline’s CEO and asked if he thought they could open up some new terminals at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


The move worked, and several new flights were started from Air Tran Airways to go to places like Vegas, Orlando, St. Louis, and Denver. This resulted in increased traffic from business travelers who had been traveling too far or dealing with long layovers in Detroit, rather than just taking a one-way flight from the new Gerald R. Ford International Airpot.


In any case, the airport will be receiving some much-needed repairs and renovations throughout 2018. The Southwest CEO praised the FAA for choosing Devos, as well as the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While Devos has been working with the airport for many years, he originally started working with the airport as part of an initiative to grow Grand Rapids as fast as possible.


The $45 million renovation is just a piece of the way that Devos has helped the city of Grand Rapids as well, bringing in new businesses and setting up shop in downtown Grand Rapids to keep it more populated.


Now that Dick is working in Washington, he’ll be meeting with the council every three months to discuss his ideas on common problems that are facing aviation and some ways to combat the issues.


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Freedom Checks – Making Life Financially Easy With Generous Returns on Investment

Understanding the intricacies of the financial world can be difficult for the people who are busy in their own lives and do not have occupation related to the financial world. The ordinary people mostly get much lesser returns from their long-term investments than they could otherwise get and it is primarily because of the wrong choice they make with their investments. If you do a little research in the market, you will come across many different investment products that offer generous returns. However, most of these investment products also come with risks attached to it. Matt Badiali is a man that has gained worldwide recognition for his expertise in the sector of energy and natural resources and is a certified and trained geologist himself.

Having worked with some of the leading energy companies in his career of over two decades, Matt Badiali believes that it is one of the most under-hyped sectors that has continued to give consistent returns to the investors. If you are looking to enjoy good returns from your investments, following what Matt Badiali says can help you reach your financial goals with ease. One of the reasons why Matt Badiali has been in the news in the last few months is due to the viral news about him holding a check for a significant amount. He calls the check as Freedom Checks and says in the commercial that people can earn such checks as well if they follow the investment strategy that he proposes.

With the years of experience that he has in the natural resources sector, Matt Badiali has been able to identify some of the top-notch and highly profitable master limited partnership companies. These companies provide their investors with a generous share of their profits in the form of dividends, and these dividends are what Matt Badiali likes to call Freedom Checks for the investors. If you are looking for Freedom Checks to get the freedom from all your finance related worries, follow the investment strategies proposed by Matt Badiali in his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist. It doesn’t cost a lot to subscribe, and the returns you get would be more than just overwhelming as Freedom Checks would add to your long-term financial planning as well.

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Roseann Bennett Sets The Stage For Affordable Mental Health Services


If there’s one thing that is starting to take shape in the world of healthcare, it is the focus on and importance of mental health. Mental health has long been treated as an afterthought and it has become abundantly clear, especially to people like Roseann Bennett, that mental health care should be made more available. According to Bennett, at most mental health facilities there can be a wait time of anywhere from 6 to 9 months! With a decade of experience in the marital and family therapy sector, Bennett decided that she was going to take a stand and do something about it and that meant starting up the Center for Assessment and Treatment.


Located in New Jersey, the Center for Assessment and Treatment is a non-profit organization that is focused on making mental health care available to anyone who needs it. The facility, which is registered as a 501c3, is known throughout the area for never turning anyone away, even those who can’t afford to pay for their treatment. Bennett has been working day and night since the organization first opened and that means she has been logging 11-hour shifts, 6 days out of the week. Visit This Page to learn more.


With some momentum and recognition on her side, Roseann Bennett is working to harness enthusiasm in the community by showcasing the importance of mental health. Not only does Bennett focus on regular therapy, but she also focuses on helping her patients to learn how to fix themselves. From marriages on the rocks to families in need of some real care, Bennett’s organization is doing it all. Bennett herself is well equipped and certified to lead the charge, especially with her litany of specialist degrees from Seton Hall University on the mantle. With any luck and a lot of hard work, Bennett will help to inspire real change in the field of mental health.


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Vinod Gupta Is An Indian Millionaire Who Is Helping To Improve Women’s Education In India


Vinod Gupta grew up in India in a village without electricity, running water, roads, or cars and is now a millionaire who shares his wealth with others. When he was younger, he studied at a school that was in his small village and then attended the Indian Institutes of Technology. There, Vinod Gupta studied agricultural engineering and then went to the United States to earn his master’s degree in business and agricultural engineering at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. His first job was with a the Commodore Corporation where served as a marketing analyst. Part of his job was to put together lists of other mobile home dealers in the United States, and after he realized that there were no other lists like the ones he was making, he decided to go into business for himself.


Vinod Gupta was able to take a $100 loan from a local bank and turn it into a multi-million dollar business, which he eventually sold for $680 million. After the sale, he decided to start up the Everest Group, which is a company that provides venture capital, consulting services, and private equity for companies that are failing. He serves as Everest’s managing general partner and mainly works with database tech companies. He continues to make millions of dollars but doesn’t just sit around doing nothing with his money.


Vinod Gupta has always been the kind of man to use what he has earned to help others and returned to his hometown of Rampur Maniharan to donate $1 million to help build the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. The school promotes Women’s Education and give opportunity to earn their postgraduate degrees quickly. Gupta helped to build it to empower Indian women. He also used part of his money to build an all girls’ school in his hometown by providing it with textbooks, buses, and more. Click Here for more information about Gupta.


Lately, Gupta set up a Database101. A new database for salespeople. Gupta’s biggest objective is to keep working. He is motivated by poverty and the messy lifestyle he was brought up in during the early days of his life and he seeks to help people acquire better lives.


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Managed Benefits Chief Executive Officer Krishen Iyer Talks About His Career

Krishen Iyer is The Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits. Managed Benefit Services helps provide consulting and marketing services within the dental and health insurance sectors. Iyer has helped Managed Benefits provide great marketing solutions by connecting its clients with lead generation companies to assist them.


Krishen Iyer’s career success has been based on his detail-oriented mindset and curiosity. Iyer’s curiosity helped him become a standout student at San Diego State University. Krishen Iyer graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development.


While running Managed Benefits takes up a lot of his time, Iyer strives to give back through different community service initiatives. He often takes part in local efforts to clean up parks in his neighborhood. Iyer also supports global humanitarian organizations. Iyer recently spoke about his career.


Iyer says that the idea to create Managed Benefits came from Iyer recognizing the need for a specific service. Iyer noted the lack of availability in regards to lead generation companies receiving help with their marketing endeavors.


Iyer says that communication is important. He feels that the best ideas come from the result of sitting down and speaking with multiple people to get different viewpoints. Iyer says that asking lots of questions has helped influence his success as an entrepreneur. Iyer points out that advanced techniques in data collection have allowed his business to create effective growth strategies. Iyer says that Managed Benefits strives to reduce risk.


Looking Ahead


Looking ahead to the future, Krishen Iyer is excited about the potential of marketing analytics. Iyer says that marketing analytics have helped his business create the best results for their clients. Iyer also has his eye on technological innovation. Iyer is a fan of his business’s data analytics program.


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Bruce Katzen uses Business Experience



Attorney Bruce Katzen is the Chair of the Kluger Kaplan Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. He works in a wide area of legal practice including estates, probate, and financial litigation. His expertise includes trials of complex commercial issues, FINRA arbitration, and mediation. His work includes shareholder disputes and financial fraud.


Experience and knowledge can improve the quality of legal representation in the fields corporate law, financial disputes, and commercial litigation. The attorney must not only have a firm grasp of legal issues, he and she must also have an exceptional level of finance and business knowledge. Bruce Katzen has an extensive background and education in finance and business. He is an experienced accountant in addition to his skills and accomplishments as a trial attorney. His education and experience add depth and insight when handling complex legal and financial issues.


– A Leader In the Legal Community

Bruce Katzen is a leader in the Florida legal community. He is past Chair of the Dade County Trial Lawyers Association where he championed efforts to connect the legal community to the local community in vital ways. This effort includes advocacy for individual rights, liberties, legal education; as a leader of the local trial bar; he led efforts to improve community awareness of the law and the important role of legal advocacy.


– A Leader in the Florida Community

Bruce Katzen understands that businesses and business persons must also be be good citizens; he is a leader in the community. Civic leadership is a contribution that many successful people fail to realize, and it is a way of repaying the public support that every successful business and business person receives. Bruce has participated in faith-based organizations and charities including United Way, and the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation.

Mind-Boggling Investment Ideas Ted Bauman Gives Investors

People who do what they like are different from those who like whatever they do. It is one thing to have the right skills in a particular career, and it’s another thing to be passionate about it. If it were not for immeasurable passion Ted Bauman has in business and entrepreneurial matters, he wouldn’t have made such a big name in the business world. From the time he graduated from Cape Town University, he has been a prolific writer on investment topics. The history and economics he did in this university have helped him lot in analyzing business matters and making rational investment decisions. He says great investors are known based on their ability to make rational investment decisions.

Before Ted became an editor and writer at Banyan Hill, he was at Smart Money Art where he was an editor. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted was a Senior Editor. He also worked at a Georgia-based organization called Habitat for Humanity International as a Director. Most of what Ted has done for others is published in South African Press, Cape Times, Guardia, New Internationalist, and Journal of Microfinance among other journals. For those who have always liked the content in “Where to Stash Your Cash,” it’s important to know he is its co-author. Alpha Stock Alert is one of the reputable press newsletters firms where Ted Bauman serves as the Director.

Banyan Hill admits that Ted has brought great contributions to the company since he joined it in 2013. Most of the content he publishes revolves around low-risk investment, asset protection, and privacy. He also uses The Sovereign Investor Daily to make helpful weekly publishes. Ted Bauman grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland although Washington remains his place of birth. His strong appetite for education took him to South Africa where he joined a reputable college for his studies. Some of the international organizations in South Africa gave him an opportunity to hone his career skills.

From 2008 to 2013, Ted Bauman worked for an esteemed NGO before he made his way to Banyan Hill. Nothing comes easy in this world. These are sentiments Ted can affirm since he has traveled to over 75 countries seeking investment knowledge his readers benefit from today. This became a sturdy foundation for the colossal knowledge and experience he had gained in business affairs. Ted never tires to let his subscribers understand why they should diversify the income sources they have. He says money-making opportunities mainly come to people who worry less about things. He believes investing in stocks, business, bonds, property, and gold is a great way to make your income source constant.

Whitney Wolfe Has Become A Well-Recognized Businesswoman

Bumble is one of the leading dating platforms on the market today and it was only started up just four years ago by Whitney Wolfe, a former founder of one of the other leading dating platforms, Tinder. What makes Bumble unique compared to other dating services on the market today is that it puts the emphasis on women and gives them the control to dictate how their experience goes on the dating platform. Men that use Bumble will have to wait until a woman decides to contact them in order to participate in any conversations, which effectively eliminates harassment for most women. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe has made it a point to align the companies beliefs and principles with her own, which is why women are emphasized and empowered through Bumble. This also means that all images of guns are strictly prohibited from being used on Bumble by any users. According to Whitney Wolfe, this is partly due to the experiences she was facing in the past few years with threats and similar activities from people that were against her movements. Whitney has become one of the leading figures when it comes to the app development market today, empowering thousands of women all over the world through her work and her speeches.

Today, Whitney Wolfe even has to have a full-time bodyguard escort her around because of the number of threats and cyber-attacks she has had. During an interview with the Times, Whitney Wolfe stated that a list of numbers from many of the Bumble staff was given out, which is why the threats were possible in the first place. FBI was able to eventually track down the website that was selling off this information that was stolen, putting things back into order for the companies information, but Whitney still has a bodyguard for protection just in case.

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Impressionable Facts About Roseann Bennet

Roseann Bennet has made an outstanding career for herself through her ability to help people overcome the various problems they experience in their marriages. She serves as a family and marriage therapist and conducts her activities in New Jersey, United States.


The renowned family therapist has also adopted the use of the modern technology to address the issues that her clients go through easily. Through her online therapy platform, she has reached a broader scope of people with various family issues. Bennet not only focuses on offering her services to the people of the united states but also strives to help people from all over the globe acquire peace and insight regarding their marriage.


Roseann Bennet has also paid close attention to women and the various issues that they go through in their life. She has used her knowledge to help the female gender acquire insight and hope in life. She also writes a vast number of articles to address the various issues that women go through in the workplace and through her blog, many people have fully benefited.


Additionally, Roseann Bennet is also the founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, an agency that is entirely dedicated to ensuring that every individual suffering from mental problems acquires help. Through the firm, the rewound family and marriage therapist strives to reach many people with mental situations regardless of their social and economic backgrounds. She majorly focuses on bringing help to people and families that are disenfranchised or marginalized by others in the society.


Her kindness has seen her win the hearts of many people and a vast number of people have come out in large to offer help to people dealing with hard situations in life. Roseann Bennet is a leader worth emulating, and her positivity is inspiring. She believes that by serving as an example, people will emulate her to build great communities in the world. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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Vinod Gupta Is An Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Wait For Others To Innovate


Vinod Gupta is a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur who grew up in a poor village in India where there was no running water, electricity, roads, or cars. He successfully grew a database technology company with a small $100 loan from a bank into a company that he sold for $680 million. He took that money and started up the Everest Group, which is a company that provides venture capital for other database tech companies.


Vinod Gupta has always been a humble man and continues to be one even with all of the success he has had. When he made his millions, he didn’t ride off into the sunset leaving the world behind. Instead, he has donated large sums of his money to projects that have greatly benefited people. Since he has always believed that education is highly important –  especially Women’s Education, he helped to build an all girls’ school in the village he grew up in. He also helped to set up 2 schools at his alma mater in the country of his origin and has built a spread of fellowships for aspiring students who hope to work in the sectors of management, science, or business.


Vinod Gupta was able to capitalize on a gap in a specific market by offering services that barely anyone else was, at the time. He created lists that were used by other companies to research their competition and that provided other key data metrics. He has noticed that as technology changes so does his industry, and he is excited to see what artificial intelligence can offer in the future. Vinod Gupta has never been one to wait for others to adapt to a new idea or technology and has always followed the beat of his own drum. This is a good part of why he has been able to find so much success in the world of today.


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