JD.com releases its impressive CSR Report

Corporate social responsibility allows organizations to take actions that benefit the society, environment, customers and other stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility allows an organization to engage in activities that bring positive influence in society. Although human beings might prioritize living for themselves, it is important to know that what are you doing affects the lives of others. There is great action by human beings than committing to doing things that will improve the lives of others. By engaging in positive corporate social responsibilities, employees in an organization develop a sense of inner satisfaction for what they do. Here, we will look at one of the largest corporates in the world and the steps that have been taken to facilitate corporate social responsibilities.

JD.com is the largest e-commerce business in China. It is therefore by extension one of the best performing in the world. Recently, this organization released its corporate social responsibility report. In this report, the organization highlighted some of the steps it has taken since 2013. Some of the highlights that can be picked from this report include: Over 3 million products have been sourced from different parts of China and supplied to benefit the poorest counties in the country. Over one million clothing items and 400,000 toys have been collected for donation or recycling through the JD.com recycling program. Over 5,000 renewable energy vehicles have replaced gasoline vehicles. Over 2.4 million donations have been delivered to over 600 charitable organizations through the JD Giving Platform.

From this report, it is clear that JD.com has embraced measures that will bring a positive impact to the environment and the community. Through this report, JD.com has indicated that it is following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that focus on among others elimination of poverty, provision of clean energy and responsible consumption. This corporate social responsibility report is setting the pace for other organizations to take measures that will bring sustainable development. JD.com is leveraging on innovative technology infrastructure that they have to launch and support charity programs that promote social innovation, disaster relief, education, poverty eradication, and environmental protection among other things.

John Holt Speaks on Innovative Banking

On November 10th, 2016 Prnewswire.com posted an online article discussing the speech that President of NexBank, John Holt, gave at the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. The conference is a chance for groups of bank consultants, leaders and advisers to come together and share their experiences in the field.

The speech was given on November 7, 2016 at a Banker Panel discussion called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” and was focused on how the field of banking should grow in the future. A few of the topics covered during the discussion were upcoming opportunities, common challenges and economic trends both in the past year but also predictions for the future. The panel ended with an exploration of new growth by using M&A activity and company branching.

While he tries to attend several Banking conferences a year, John Holt’s main focus is always NexBank. NexBank Capital is a company that offers financial services to its clients. These services follow three core businesses model which is broken into Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Institutional Services. NexBank employs hundreds of advisors with years of financial expertise. They critically analyze each case brought to them and develop effective strategies to manage each account. These advisors help answer questions and guide clients in the direction that had the most benefits.

The mission of NexBank has always been to provide their clients with the best they can offer. Each client of NexBank is provided with customizable banking and financial services that cater to their needs as an individual or as a company. By providing unique solutions to the problems their clients might have, NexBank not only helps those it serves but also increases its own reputation in the banking industry. NexBank Capital uses their commitment to their clients and their industry leadership to lead their company into the future.


Nitin Khanna Back iSos Inc With $5 Million Investment

Saber Corp. co-founder Nitin Khanna has invested heavily in computer software startup iSos Inc; according to a number of reports, Nitin Khanna has invested $5 million into the company through Mr. Khanna’s investment company MergerTech. According to a statement, iSos Inc develops integrated smart office solutions for a variety of different industries.

The majority of iSos Inc’s technology focuses on cashless transactions, recording attendance, facilitating more efficient and easier communication, and a few other purposes. Meenakshi Sharma, Paras Guglani, Anil Rana, and Gourav Arora founded the company in 2016. Since then, it’s made an impressive mark in its industry which is what prompted the attention from Nitin Khanna and a number of other investors. Currently, it’s not clear what iSos Inc is planning on doing with the investment, but it’s been suggested that the company will be rapidly expanding the overall business as detailed here.

Speaking about the new investment, Nitin Khanna has said that their innovative technology will better facilitate productivity in many companies. According to Mr. Khanna, iSos Inc is serving a significant need across many industries, which will help it to grow and expand at a steady pace over the next few years. It’s this potential for growth that made Mr. Khanna and MergerTech interested in the company in the first place. With the investment from MergerTech and Nitin Khanna, it looks as though iSos Inc is set to expand rapidly over the next few months more about this is discussed in this link https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/business/us-based-entreprenuer-invests-5million-in-mohali-start-up/397919.html

Nitin Khanna is a co-founder of Saber Corp and is currently the CEO of MergerTech. Mr. Khanna left Saber Corp in 2008, not long after the company was sold to EDS. Not long after leaving the company, he helped to found MergerTech and became its CEO. He and his company are currently based in Portland, Oregon. MergerTech mainly focuses on investing in new and innovative advancements in the tech world. Since its founding, it’s invested in dozens of companies and helped them to expand their market share before moving on to other start-ups and SMEs. By many accounts, the majority of these investments have paid significant dividends to the chief stakeholders in the company.

A Look into the Career Life of Forbes-Listed Billionaire Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group’s senior executive, is one of the most admired entrepreneurs in the world. He is honored for cultivating his career from a young administrator working at Blackrock and UBS, to a Forbes-listed billionaire who runs a leading investment management firm. Visit equilar.com

Regardless of Randal Nardone’s popularity in the world’s investment sector, most people don’t understand how he grew to be a billionaire. On that account, we have reviewed his professional background to help you comprehend.

The 52-year-old executive stepped into corporate America after graduating from the University of Connecticut, and Boston University. He started working as a paralegal in a law firm.

Later on, Nardone transferred his services from the legal sector to the finance and investment industry. At the finance sector, Randal Nardone worked at Blackrock Financial Management, UBS, and other prominent finance companies.

In 1998, the Forbes-listed billionaire established Fortress Investment Group, a small private equity which served the greater New York Area. Nardone and the other founders used their strong financial skills to develop it.

How did Randal grow his wealth from the investment management firm? Mr. Nardone’s investment management firm acquired an array of permanent investment vehicles which helped them to extract value from US’ transport, tourism, hotel, transport, real estate, gaming, eldercare, and energy sectors.

Some of the acquisitions that boosted the investment management’s firm are; Intrawest, Eurocastle Investment Limited, Florida East Coast Holdings, Aircastle Limited, Mapeley Limited, and Fortress Credit Corporation.

Randal Nardone has made other significant contributions to the business development of Fortress Investment. He was instrumental in the acquisition of the company by the Japanese- based Softbank in 2017. According to Nardone, the acquisition was a timely deal, which would see the company get an investment boost from the Bank’s strong financial base. He expressed his confidence that the deal would lead to a concerted development of the two companies.

In 2007, Forbes recognized Randal Nardone as one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world. He took the 557th slot out of 1000 entrepreneurs who were documented in the list of billionaires.

Mr. Nardone was recognized among other leading entrepreneurs like Wes Edens& Robert Kauffman, his fellow co-founders. The list featured the world’s top entrepreneurs like William Gates, Warren Buffet, Alice Walton, Michael Dell, and the Koch family. Read more on https://www1.salary.com/Randal-A-Nardone-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-FORTRESS-INVESTMENT-GRP-LLC.html

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan Shares Insights on How to Avoid Digital Burnout

Robert Deignan is the CEO of ATS Digital Services. The company offers assistance for all aspects of digital support. Robert Deignan sees his company as a one-stop-shopping destination for a consumer’s digital needs. His company has the capacity to assist customers in all aspects of digital support.

ATS Digital Services can troubleshoot a complete variety of technology issues. Deignan understands technology. As such, he offers several timely tips to help people get a handle on technology in a positive way. Technology can have both its upsides and downsides.

1. Technology can easily distract, and distractions can lower productivity. The fact remains there are more digital and social media distractions than ever before. These can include streaming videos, popular social media venues, cell phones, an unlimited number of apps, and much more. In today’s world, people often get distracted every minute of every waking hour.

2. Technology will always change the way people think. Deignan cites an example of how processing information is different from the act of reading. Technology information often arrives with distractions that can include reports, attached emails, text messages, and more. The challenge is to adjust to better ways of consuming this information.

3. Most importantly, the addictive quality of technology is in its DNA. People must learn ways to detach to avoid burnout. This is almost impossible for many people. Reading, enjoyable reading, actually helps to develop a person’s memory and can help divert their attention from addictive devices.

Robert Deignan attended Purdue University on a full football scholarship. He earned his degree in Organizational Leadership. The Miami Dolphins and NY Jets both employed him briefly. Afterward, he helped co-found Fanlink Inc. This was the first of his successful entrepreneurial attempts. Robert Deignan never left sports behind. He remains active in sports by competing in offshore fishing tournaments. He currently lives in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area with his family.


Krishen Iyer: Utilizing Advanced Technology to Market Products

Digital technology is taking over the marketing world. Brand awareness is highly relying on technology advancement. Before the internet became a household necessity, businesses relied on brand awareness as well as television commercials and radios to attract customers. They also issued promotional information regarding products to encourage people to purchase specific brands. Companies that specialized in selling canned foods printed free cookbooks to market their products. In the current era, marketing professionals promote their brands through social media platforms, as well as other virtual outlets. Competitors are also in every market. Therefore, there’s a stiff competition in every industry. The need to be the best is challenging. Although the future of digital marketing is appended to technology, analog marketing strategies and techniques are still being used because most marketing professionals are flooding offline outlets to advertise their products. Technology is evolving rapidly than most sophisticated developments: Krishen Iyer, the owner of Managed Benefits Services, a company that serves the dental as well as health insurance industries by providing lead generation services is advising his clients to use digital technology to market their products and services.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Mr. Iyer discusses his career ventures including his motivation and drive toward establishing Managed Benefits Services. Iyer has relied on his expert knowledge in online marketing as well as his ability in technical development as well as client relations to conduct various business activities in his company. Over the years of founding this organization, he has also carried out daily operations while implementing policies that have contributed to the betterment of client’s brands. While residing in California, Krishen Iyer developed an excellent reputation for helping business professionals to achieve their dreams by using modern marketing methods. His success at Quick Link Marketing is solely appended to his analytical skills and ability to offer marketing solutions. Krishen Lyer’s professional career is also shaped by his commitment to finding solutions to problems as detailed here. His inquisitive nature, as well as attention to detail, has enabled him to venture into various professional partnerships with like-minded individuals. To get more information you canalso visit this link http://affiliatedork.com/marketing-ceo-krishen-iyers-take-on-marketing-through-smart-speakers-is-the-wave-of-the-future

Stream Energy Loves to Give Back

Stream Energy plays a very big part in helping others. They work with many different organizations including the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity and they are dedicated to helping whenever they can. Stream Energy is always ready to jump in and support those who need it most. They were there when Hurricane Harvey hit the Dallas area, and they were there after the tornados hit right after Christmas.

Stream Energy is a direct selling company as well as a provider of essential services, but they are also all about the community and the many people in it. They are partners with Hope Supply Co., a company that executes many passionate projects for those who need it most. They cover the entrance cost as well as the meal costs for the homeless children of Texas so that they can enjoy a day at the local water park once every year. Hope Supply Co. provides diapers, clothing, school supplies, and other essentials for homeless children and Stream Energy has worked with them for over four years.

Stream is also a big supporter of Veterans, and with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream Energy provides support to the veterans in the Dallas area. They donated transportation to military veterans and their families and made it possible for them to enjoy a nice, filling meal at a Texas restaurant. They also co-hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for ten daughters of military families.

Helping others is a huge part of what Stream Energy does and their foundation, Stream Cares, is an ongoing effort that is helping so many disadvantaged families in Texas.

Corporate giving is catching on, and Stream Cares is a leader in philanthropy efforts. Corporate America has given $19 billion to many charities bot abroad as well as in the United States. And that is not counting cause marketing, sponsorships, effort and time on the part employees, and donations of time.

Giving is part of what their company does, and they don’t plan on backing out anytime soon. They are just gaining momentum, and they have so much more to give.


Marc Beer Raises $42 Million for Boston Women’s Health Spearheading Towards Finding Treatment for Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic disorders have been a problem that affects women worldwide. A recent statistic showed that pelvic disorders affect up to 250 million women globally. This has a been cause for concern among scholars who are making efforts to find lasting treatment options for this disorder. Marc Beer is among the minds behind this concerted effort to help women with pelvic disorders.

Marc Beer is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Renovia inc. He is also among its co-founders. Renovia inc was incepted in August 2016 and headquartered in Boston with the founding aim being to make Renovia a leading medical technology and pharmaceutical center for diagnosis and treatment of pelvic disorders.

With 25 years of experience, Marc Beer prides himself with not only commercialization but also the development of pharmaceuticals, devices biotechnology and diagnostics. Together with the co-founders. Marc Beer saw a successful series A closure being financed by leading ventures in healthcare.

Renovia inc current achievement has been the development of their first diagnostic and therapeutic device called LEVIA. LEVIA was successfully approved by FDA in April this year, and it made not only three CEO but also the entire Renovia team proud.

He has also seen the team sign a merger with LongWood. Longwood, just like Renovia, is mandated to provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic pelvic area disorders. Both Renovia inc and Longwood joined the Series B funding. The funding was led by Perspectives Advisors who are based in New York City and Ascension Ventures who are based in Missouri. And by the closure of business, Renovia inc had acquired $32 million and $10 million in debt.

Marc Beer during his statement was very thankful for the healthcare ventures that had wholeheartedly agreed to finance the pelvic floor treatment initiative. He asked that this financing coupled with a strong highly skilled innovative team is going to be a breakthrough in the treatment process. He also thanked the firm for being able to offer the best to support their vision for better diagnostic and therapeutic treatment programs.

New generation and technology-based treatment according to Marc Beer would offer the following benefits :

The inventions and innovations would lead to a better and new treatment options

It would create awareness of what pelvic floor disorders are and pelvic floor exercises.

It would help reduce both the long-term and short-term costs associated with treatment and maintenance.

Pelvic floor disorders can lead to stigma and trauma among the people affected. Such effects might further lead to depression. Thanks to the best innovations and inventions, pelvic floor disorders are going to be a thing of the past because of informed diagnosis and treatment. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/

OSI Group Works With Feeding America To Battle Hunger In America

For several years OSI Group, one of the world’s largest meat processing firms, has been working with Feeding America, a network of local agencies that provides food to people who sometimes can’t afford to buy it.Feeding America provides food to more than 46 million food insecure families through food banks, soup kitchens and shelters. OSI Group reports that is contributed 252,781 pounds of surplus food from OSI food facilities to Feeding America in 2015. That topped the previous year record of 226,834 pounds.In addition, OSI employees contributed more than 200 hours of volunteer time working directly at local food banks across the nation.

Add in ancillary charitable causes centering around food insecurity issues, and OSI people gave more than 300 hours of their time to these projects.As one of the nation’s and world largest processors of beef, pork, chicken and vegetable raw material, OSI Group believes it is only natural to make every effort to ensure that every person in America, or any country, never goes hungry. Taking care of neighbors and serving communities is a core value of the OSI operational philosophy.OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company has been in operation for more than 100 years. It was established in the greater Chicago area in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowski as a one-man butcher shop and meat retail business.

From the very beginning, this meat seller was an important part of the local community. Even though OSI is now an international company, it has maintained those “small community” values. It is dedicated to being a caring and contributing member of each location in which it operates.Another classic example is how OSI people sprang into action after Typhoon Haiyan struck in the Philippines in 2013. The company organized employee a small donations of cash and clothing for typhoon victims and supported relief operations in coordination with local aid groups. The OSI Group Philippines facility also initiated development programs for poor people and social service modules while working hand-in-hand with such entities as Catholic Charities and the Ronald McDonald’s House.

The Success Ladder of Ryan Seacrest

Television and radio personality, Ryan Seacrest career began in 1993 on the ESPN channel network. Since then, he has built an impeccable reputation in the entertainment industry landing co-host and host roles on major networks. His voice is heard on FM 102.7 KISS and the Top 40 radio shows. Seacrest is the founder of a men’s clothing line and a charitable foundation concentrating on bringing music to children’s hospital in America. He is the recipient of an Emmy and the Cynopsis Social Good awards.

In 2018, Ryan Seacrest hosted the first series of American Idol televised on ABC as the host. He hosts and produces the Annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Live from the Red Carpet with E! Network. Monday through Friday he co-hosts Live with Kelly and Ryan, a morning talk show on FOX. He also produces various shows on NBC, YouTube, CMT, and Bravo. For 25 years, Ryan continues to climb the ladder to success in the entertainment and radio industries.

The businessman launched Ryan Seacrest Distinction, menswear and an accessory line he founded in 2014. His clothing and accessories include tailored designs of pants, blazers, suits, shirts, ties, and sweaters, which are sold at Macy’s national stores and its online store. Seacrest launched a company, Polished by Dr. Lancer for skincare products for men. The distinction is a leading brand that offers casual and professional clothing designs for men of different lifestyles.

Ryan Seacrest Production and his foundation won an Emmy Award and the 2016 Cynoposis Social Good Award. He received the Cynoposis award at a breakfast event held in New York City. The foundation opened studios, broadcasting centers, and hospitals for children throughout the United States with active involvement.

In 2018, he made number 26 on the Celebrity List. Ryan Seacrest is a board member of the LA County Museum of Art and serves as Honorary Chair for the Grammy Foundation. He has long-term endorsements with Ford, an auto manufacturer, and Coca-Cola Corporation. His ladder success in the media and entertainment as an entrepreneur and TV personality is built by his determination and experience in the industries.

Instagram: instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en
Facebook: facebook.com/ryanseacrest/