How Perry Mandera Supports People In Chicago And Across The Country

The Custom Companies, Inc., is a shipping company that is based in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded by its Chief Executive Officer Perry Mandera. He got the idea for it while he was serving in the Marines and working in logistics. Once he returned to civilian life he followed his dream of being a business owner who would transport customer’s packages.

His company can now ship packages anywhere in the world. The Custom Companies has offices in several cities and has a huge fleet of vehicles. Perry Mandera is also on the Illinois Trucking Association’s board of directors. This organization also named him as one of the best transportation executives in the country.

The Custom Companies has customers ranging from small businesses to S&P 500 firms. Its annual revenues exceed $200 million. It is a “Full-Service Transportation Provider”. Among the services it provides its customers are international air freight forwarding, LTL, truckload, and dedicated contract cartage. They have a philanthropic arm which is named Custom Cares Charities, Inc.

Mandera is well-known as a philanthropist in Illinois.

One of the many not-for-profits that he supports in Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. This organization, which was established in 1987, was established by Chicago priests who wanted to help the many homeless male teens in that city. Today, they offer many services such as a sports program, vocational programs, and an anti-drug program. They also offer transitional housing.

He helps the youth of Chicago through other organizations as well. Perry Mandera provides money to the Illinois State Crime Commission. This organization is dedicated to reducing the delinquency of young people. They also help young people stay out of jails. Additionally, they are dedicated to building good relationships between Chicago police and younger people in the communities they work in (Gazetteday).

Perry Mandera also supports people who have been hit by a natural disaster. One example of this occurred in 2013 when Washington, Illinois, was hit by a tornado. He sent truckloads of essential items to Washington such as clothes, food, and generators. More recently, he sent help to people in California that had their homes destroyed by wildfires.

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Exploring The Passion That Isabel dos Santos Has To Make African A Digital Continent

There are few people that are working as hard as Isabel dos Santos to spot talent in Africa. She is adamant about investing in the youth that are growing up in Africa. She is the billionaire that has an eye on the next business leaders of Africa. This Angolan business woman – who is fluent in several languages – believes that Africa has to form partnerships with other nations to bring about a greater import/export business. Isabel dos Santos seeks to invest more into Africa by bringing women together from various cultures to work together. She believes that there are a lot of things that women can lead in if they given more opportunities.

Isabel dos Santos believes that one of the biggest hindrances for Africa is the lack of digital platforms in many areas. She feels that this is a big setback. That is why she is so passionate about telecommunications and media. That is where a large portion of her investments are found. Isabel dos Santos is an investor in television media, telecommunications and various digital enterprises. She believes that Angola has a great amount of potential to see modern changes in the future with her endeavors (AfricaNews).

Her passion for these various types of technologies are clear, and she takes time to voice this at the Africa Summit. She loves the Efacec mobile technology that is evolving in Africa, and she wants to know how the technology works. Isabel dos Santos studied engineering is someone that has studied immensely to find out how to become more hands-on in her progression of Africa to become more knowledgeable on how to she make more digitalization changes.

One might say that Isabel dos Santos is on the verge of getting more women to follow her lead as she encourages women to enter in the engineering field. In the past these may have been roles that have been dominated primarily by men, but Santos has a desire to change that. Isabel dos Santos is a catalyst for change in many aspects of business and leadership in Africa and beyond.

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Sergey Petrossov is Jetting to the Top with His Mind and His App

When someone thinks about private jets, there is a very good chance that they are thinking of the jets that only celebrities can fly. While this assumption is incorrect, Sergey Pretrossov thought of the jets in that way as well. However, as soon as he stepped foot onto his first jet, he realized that while the entire process for him had been stressful and exclusive, it didn’t have to be. He also knew that the flying of these planes didn’t need to be as wasteful as it was. He was one of the few people who rented one, and these jets were flying with such a small number of people aboard, Petrossov found that it was almost always a wasteful trip.

Sergey Pretrossov, 30, then decided that he could improve the old, slow-moving and overly complicated process. As he had been trying to create companies since he was a teenager, he was confident in his ability to take this challenge on. He also saw how much waste was being produced by these flights, as they were never full and it almost seemed unnecessary for them to be flying. He had also hoped that by doing this, more and more people would begin to realize that private jets were available, and were indeed sometimes incredibly cheap for short distance flights. He began working on his vision of an app that could make it as fast and easy to book charter flights as it is to currently book your average plane. He wanted to replace any outdated systems in the industry so that these planes would no longer be flying next to empty as well as with record high prices, and instead, this could become a regular occurrence to many normal people all over the world.

Sergey Petrossov’s idea expanded to making the flights under five hundred dollars. However, although he hasn’t made it possible yet, he knows that he will, as he believes that his app is worth its price right now.

Stream Energy Supports the Less Fortunate through its Philanthropic Arm

Situated in Dallas, Stream Energy is a leading global company that utilizes direct selling to offer energy to clients. The company is also prominent for giving back to the Dallas community. It operates its charity projects through the philanthropic organization, Stream Cares. Over the years, this philanthropic arm has officially initiated its charitable efforts in the US and Texas. Stream Energy has also worked with like-minded organizations to support the less fortunate and alleviate pain from the people living in its surroundings. For instance, when natural disaster destroyed some part of North Texas, Stream partnered with the Salvation Army to assist individuals who initially lost their assets. The company raised funds to match each dollar that its associates raised. As such, the funds doubled thereby having a significant impact on those who were affected.

Background Information

Stream Energy has worked with various individuals including veterans from Dallas to provide financial support. The company also works with the families of these people to provide emotional support. It offered transportation to military veterans alongside their families for a unique lunch session held at the Texas restaurant. Stream Energy has also worked with different military families on various occasions in the past. For every ten families from the military, the organization covered housing-associated expenses when it assisted in co-hosting the American Girl Doll Experience.

Contribution and Support

Stream has also worked with Hope Supply Co. The firm has been serving the less fortunate for more than 20 years. Situated in North Texas, Hope Supply Co. is devoted to providing shelter to the homeless. The organization also supplies diapers, school items, and clothing to needy children. Stream Energy has joined the charity organization in its effort to raise funds for these children. The enterprise also handles the financial costs associated with entrance fees for the Texas Homeless Children Fun Day. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Dallas. Stream was one of the main responders to this strategy. The company raised funds in order to help in the recovery process. Stream commits its resources towards supporting the people it serves. The firm is prepared to partner with different communities to assist the less fortunate.

Adam Milstein Plays World Role In Support Of Israel

Author Gil Tory identified California businessman Adam Milstein as one of the most influential leaders of cultural Zionism in the United States. Milstein was also named to be among the world’s 50 most influent Jews by an article in the Jerusalem Post.

In 2007, Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council. This Jewish advocacy organization has since become the largest nonprofit action group of its kind in the United States. It currently boasts some 250,000 members. The IAC is well known to lead a robust agenda of events and special projects that have had significant impact.

Adam Milstein also founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropic entity that has been aiding and assisting people of Jewish heritage in a multitude of ways.

What drives Adam Milstein to be a passionate supporter of Israel? A look at his life experiences tell the story. Milstein was born in Haifa in 1952. His father was born in Argentina and his mother in Mexico. Both immigrated to Israel in 1948 to join the new Jewish nation in the first year of its modern existence.

Adam grew to manhood and entered service with the Israeli Defense Forces just in time to fight in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He served with General Ariel Sharon in the historic drive by the Israeli army to secure the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Fighting for the life and survival of his homeland left an indelible mark on Adam Milstein. It’s an experience he never forgot as he went on after the war to complete his college degree at the Technion.

In 1982 he emigrated with his young wife to the United States. He earned an MBA at the University of Southern California. With advanced degree in hand, he threw himself into the real estate investment business and achieved enormous success.

But material and monetary success was strictly a vehicle for Adam Milstein to pursue his true passion, his patriotism for Israel and support of his fellow Jewish people. Establishing the IAC and MFF are part of how he has turned ideas into solid action. Provides Solution to Email Overflow is one of many email services dedicated to cleaning up client inboxes. Such software is demand right now because of the overwhelming amount of incoming mail users are receiving. Most of these emails stem from subscriptions. Emails that come from advertisements, alerts, notifications, and other programs users inadvertently sign up for. The overwhelming amount often times makes it hard to determine important messages from chaff, which is where comes in. uses its software to organize user inboxes and separate subscription emails from the rest of the pack. This allows users to find important emails faster and makes the enterprise of checking one’s mail much easier. The subscription emails are shoved inside a Rollup. This is a customizable folder that contains every email the program deems a subscription. Users can program their Rollup to filter out certain emails for deletion, refrain from pulling certain emails from their inbox, and schedule regular scan times. Users can also peruse their Rollup and view the emails inside it. is web-based and can be accessed by downloading a program. Once downloaded the program will begin regular scans of user emails. is still in its Beta-phase, however, which means that it is still has some kinks to work out. It is very accurate in its sweep of user inboxes but can accidentally grab important messages. Users simply have to check the Rollup and such messages can be pulled out. Additionally, they can program the Rollup to disregard such messages in the future so that the mistake will not happen again.

The most valuable thing about is its unsubscribe feature. provides users with the option to unsubscribe from email providers. This cuts off the influx of non-important messages at the source and lessens the overall flow of daily messages.

HGGC Makes Sound Investments

One of the private equity firms in Silicon Valey that has really taken off in recent years is HGGC. This company was first founded in 2007 and has its base in Palo Alto. They have three other offices around the country. The company is thriving right now because they make profits for the people who invest their money with them. They use algorithms that scan North America for the best investment deals. The algorithms are right more often than they are wrong. This technological advance has HGGC a company that even the most skeptical of investors will want to do business with.

Utah, Florida and Massachusetts are the other three states where HGGC has offices. They have restricted themselves to only doing business in the U.S. and Canada. The company has many investors who are astonished by the constant profits that are generated by the wise investments. They have invested in manufacturing and consumer products, among other things. They have done a great job of guessing right when it comes to way the American and Canadian markets are going. They study the markets closely so they can swoop in and get the best deals on investing before anyone else does. You really need to follow the investment world closely to have as much knowledge as HGGC.

HGGC has a very bright future. The technology that they are using to do their jobs every day has been fantastic. The new computer programs they have designed have been a great tool when it comes to helping people pinpoint a foreign investment they make. The company keeps having people flock to invest with them. This is very easy to believe because their reputation is such that they do not make a bad investment.

HGGC is always evolving in the way that is does business. This helps it to remain relevant in a world filled with other companies that have dedicated themselves to being number one. There have been Hollywood celebrities who have reached out to the company because they believe the services they provide will always be in demand. This has proven to be true up to this point.

Hedge Fund Investor Shervin Pishevar Knew Trump’s Agenda Would Hurt Investors

Donald Trump had the world in the palms of his sketchy hands when he took office in 2016. The U.S. economy was in good shape, and unemployment was low. Inflation was missing in action, and the stock market was on fire. Trump took credit for all those things even though those things happened on Obama’s watch, according to economists.

In 2017, Trump pushed his tax cut through in order to help the rich and big corporations. Corporate earnings went through the roof, and investors were lining their pockets with the economic smoke Trump blew up their rear ends. But in 2018, the results of Trump’s inept decision-making started to surface. Investors felt the pain when the stock market went to hell.

Most of the country saw the folly in Trump’s plan when he implemented a national emergency on the Southern border. Investors knew Trump didn’t really have a handle on economics when he shut the government down.

But Uber investor Shervin Pishevar knew Trump’s agenda would implode. Shervin knew that in 2017. That’s when Shervin Pishevar went on a 24-tweet rant that surprised a lot of his followers. Shervin’s Twitter followers know he has a sixth sense when it comes to investing. Shervin Pishevar was one of the first angel investors to see the potential in Uber. And he saw potential in Airbnb, Postmates, Dollar Shave Club, and Warby Parker. Shervin was a force in the investment world. But he went underground in 2016 to lick some of his personal wounds.

In March 2017, Shervin was back on Twitter, and he let it all hang out. He warned his followers about the potential damage Trump’s policies would create. But few listened when Pishevar said the stock market had too much hype in it. And some laughed when he said Silicon Valley would lose its startup crown. Tweet after Shervin Pishevar tweet warned investors that 2018 and beyond would be challenging years for investors thanks to Trump’s economic incompetence. Now that his tweet predictions are facts, investors want to hear more from Shervin. And Pishevar is ready to give them what they want.

Edwin Miranda and his Seamless Marketing Strategies

Edwin Miranda is the Founder and CEO of the performance-driven and full-service marketing agency that is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His company is known as the KOI IXS that has the capability of assisting the marketing needs of a client in every part of the industry, and his team of professionals does this through profound research and performance-tested results. It has been a very successful marketing agency that specializes in intensive research technology of our world today as well as data collecting in order to provide the client with a cutting edge and advanced solutions against their competitors. Through the use of technology, Edwin Miranda and his company focus on building a marketing platform that improves the target market of each and every client.

It can be seen that the KOI IXS has expanded and grown into becoming one of the leading marketing agencies today over the past few years. During an interview with Edwin Miranda, he was able to advise young and aspiring entrepreneurs across the world to establish their business by working and hiring people that they feel comfortable with and those that they can trust in terms of business and loyalty. Edwin Miranda has been a great influence in the expansion and success of the KOI IXS as well as its committed team of marketing geniuses, designers, and strategists. He also stated that passion is what drives him and his team in achieving success.

The KOI IXS has a number of marketing services that mainly focuses on its primary categories and these are Performance and Optimization, Digital Marketing, Digital Ecosystems, and Innovation and Strategy. Each category that they are focusing on has a list of certain services that they are able to give their clients in order for them to know what is suitable and appropriate for their marketing needs.

Nicolas Krafft; L’Oreal Paris on River Seine

L’Oreal Paris held its second fashion and beauty show in September over the Seine river in the heart of Paris. It was an open event that was also attended by some of the top and most respected names in the silver screen, fashion, and beauty. Nicolas Krafft, the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oreal brought out his innovation skills at the event by including a floating runway over the Seine River. The event was an eye catcher and a chance for the company to showcase their season’s best and latest looks.

Nicolas Krafft and his team at L’Oreal brought out great names such as Elle Fanning, Marie Bochet (a Paralympic champion making her runway entrance), Louise Bourgoin and Eva Longoria, who walked for L’Oreal across the floating catwalk on the seine. There were iconic women who stole the attention at the event as the celebrity-studded lineup models. The event also had other prominent names that are outside the fashion and beauty world such as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, famously known for his role on Game of Thrones as Jaime Lannister. Nikolaj attended the event to support L’Oreal’s mission of diversity and creativity.

The event had the perfect opportunity to showcase their newest fashion trends since it took place during the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week. L’Oreal’s Global makeup artist and Global hair artist developed astonishing seventy new makeup look and hairstyles for the show which included models for L’Oreal’s thirteen fashion brand partners. The models showcased the newest jewelry and collections from Chopard. L’Oreal created a global audience by filming the show from the air using drones and broadcasting it to thirty countries worldwide.

Nicolas Krafft went to the University of St. Gallen from 1990 to 1995 for his Business Management course. He also studied Corporate General Management Programme at INSEAD in 2006. Nicolas started working for L’Oreal since December 2002 where he served as the Marketing Director Kerastase until August 2004. He was later given the role of Marketing Director at L’Oreal Asia where he worked until 2008 December. From there he became the General Manager at L’Oreal in January 2009 and later the Deputy General Manager in Eastern Europe in 2011.