Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car Work To ‘Carry That Weight’

Canadian Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg, was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1939. He is a business executive who is knowledgeable on the subject of American passenger and freight carriers. Gregory J. Aziz is presently the CEO (chief executive officer), chairman, and president of National Steel Car.


National Steel Car is a business that specializes in the production and engineering of railroad freight cars. The company is based out of Hamilton, Ontario. NSC is famous in the industry.


At present, little has been made public concerning Aziz’ familial background. Nevertheless, it is known that Aziz went to college after completing his secondary education. He attended Ridley College. Additionally, Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario.


His major was Economics. He graduated in 1971. He took a position with the Affiliated Foods Company.


AFC, founded in 1968, markets wholesale groceries. It’s currently one of the largest importers of fresh food. The company purchases goods from South America, Central America, and Europe.


By 1990 Aziz had moved to New York. He took a job as an investment banker. Four years later, he had amassed a great deal of money.


Aziz next acquired NSC from Dofasco. His ultimate goal was to turn his newly-purchased business the top railroad freight car producer on the continent. He would make his business famous.


The company’s engineering abilities grew under Greg Aziz’ supervision. Aziz invested the majority of his funds into human resources, thus upping the business’ production capabilities. As the new millennium approached, the company was making 8,500 more freight cars than when Aziz first acquired National Steel Car.


James Aziz has garnered a reputation for being a perfectionist. Due to his leadership, National Steel Car has earned numerous different honors over the years. National Steel Car is now said to be the one and only freight car manufacturer on the continent to be officially ISO-certified. The company has scored the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996.


Regardless of the somewhat futuristic concepts currently being used by NSC, Aziz and staff stay true to traditionally time-honored values like remaining loyal to their clientele, working to maintain good relationships with their suppliers, and recognizing the importance of the business’ 2000-plus workers who build the quality rail cars that the company prides. Greg James Aziz and National Steel Car are also active in the community. Aziz and NSC also support community-based charities. Go To This Page for additional information.

Greg Aziz has What it Takes to Make National Steel Car a Leader Again

National Steel Car is known as a pioneer of freight car manufacturing in Canada as it has been around for almost 105 years. The business was conceived by a group of investors who launched the company and soon attracted many other Canadian businessmen who wished to also put their money into the company.


The profit that they made was higher than what they had expected. The National Steel Car was a flourishing business that soon assumed an absolute position at the top of its line of work in the country. Na company would operate only within Canada, and that was enough for it to grow and reach a workforce of a few thousand people reasonably quickly.


The first difficult period for the company was because of the Great Depression when orders from clients slowed down significantly the company’s profit decreased considerably. The company was forced to then its ranks, sell off some assets, and cut off a significant portion of its production. It eventually started producing anything the client would order merely to survive the hardships.


When the Depression passed, National Steel Car started to recover and when the Second World War broke out the company was catapulted into prosperous times regarding orders and profits. National Steel Car did not continue to be at the forefront of its line of work, but it did start growing back into its former self again. The prosperity ceased after the end of the war.


The current owner of the corporation is investor and businessman Gregory James Aziz. He purchased it in 1994 after a few years of preparation. Mr, Gregory J Aziz was precisely what National Steel Car needed as he modernized the company and expanded its workforce and capacity of production per year. Within five years he more than tripled both numbers.


Mr. Greg James Aziz is also from Hamilton, Ontario just like National Steel Car. He had as many years of practice doing business at his family’s company. The business is called Affiliated Foods, and it is an international importer of food to Canada and the United States all the way from Europe and South Africa. Go Here to learn more.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz attributed his success as a business owner to knowing the value of being a part of a community. Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He brought the corporation into the community Hamilton and made it into a meaningful part of it for the people. National Steel Car gives charitable donations as well.

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The Legacy that Eli Gershkovitch will Leave Behind in the Beer Industry

It is known that Canadians love their beer. Beer is one of the most populated drink in Canada and craft beer, in particular, is having a renaissance in the county. It has been noted on several occasions when there is a drop in capita beer; there is always a rise in craft beer. Some of these brewers are not microbrewers anymore like Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery sells more than 20 million worth beer per year. These beers include; Red Racer, Pale Ale, Gutenberg Belgian Double among others.


Eli Gershkovitch is one of the most successful craft brewers in Canada. Eli previously worked as an attorney before he decided to start a brew up (IMBd). His beer crafting interests began in 1987 when he visited Europe. During these trips, he toured several breweries and appreciated the brewed different flavors. These are the tours that gave him some of the experience which he says have helped him become a better brewer over the years.


Mr. Gershkovitch also liked the idea of manufacturing a product and selling its customers directly. After eight years Eli opened the Steamworks Brew Pub ( On this project, he used a steam-powered System to produce a beer which was very different from all the other Canadian breweries. After he was through with his first batch, Eli Gershkovitch was happy with what he did especially with the unique, delicious flavors he had.


With time Steamworks started a lot of customers, and Eli has to expand it from 184 seats to 570 seats. Because of space he acquired a restaurant nearby and renamed it the Rogue Kitchen and Wet bar. As time went by, he started sponsoring events in Gaston area. By doing this, it helped him in creating more awareness locally and gaining more customers. On doing this he Eli Gershkovitch acquired ownership of the Cascadia Trademark back in 2006. In like seven years Stem works established a massive brewing facility that produces 20 times more beer that was created in the pub. His business leadership, willingness to learn and thirst for success in his niche make Gershkovitch one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs around.


Glen Wakeman Cares to Help

Corporate commerce does more than just supply countless men and women across the globe with steady and gainful employment, which they may enjoy for decades at a time. It is also the means by which many emergency and charitable relief organizations receive the donations and continue their good work throughout the years indefinitely. Among the plethora of patrons who pay the way for many of these organizations is the businessman Glenn Wakeman. Of late, his concern and focuses is on the disasters that have ravaged at the most beautiful island of Puerto Rico. But, there’s a lot more work that needs to be done. Likewise, there is a lot more to this man than just that.


That is why Glen Wakeman is not just a patron of organizations that rely on charitable donations, he is an active participant in the work itself (AnalystofFinance). He is known to give money of his own to the Red Cross disaster recovery organization, and he recently advised, as ever, that others should not only give of their resources but of their time and energy as well to disaster relief. But, this can do and lead by example form of entrepreneurship is not just something that he does in his own life. It also applies to his business practice and success when it comes trade and marketing. And when it comes to knowing the pillars of business, serving to pay dues, reaching the pinnacle of technique and expertise only to rise even further to the role of mentor and pioneer, Wakeman knows what he’s talking about.


The position of CEO, founder, and president of a business is not something that is just bestowed on someone. In most cases, it has to be earned. But either way, Glen Wakeman knows what it’s like to start from a good place of education, with a MBA in finance and a BS in economics, and go from there. That is why along with being the founder and CEO of LaunchPad LLC he holds the mantle of founder for Nova Four. Naturally, this comes after working in departments such as mergers and acquisitions for General Electric and holding other board positions for a number of companies.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s contributions to the medical sector

Dr. Mark Holterman is not the normal doctor you meet. He has done more than the usual doctor stuff that involves basic diagnosis and treatment. Mark works tirelessly to come up with new therapies which aim at benefitting patients suffering from various illnesses. Apart from this, he also performs complex surgeries and educates people through the use of lectures and articles. He has also been working at the University of Illinois, where he teaches students. The professor guides the surgical residents and medical students on various medical processes as he teaches them to perfect at their job.


The list of the important services that he gives to various groups is endless. He currently works at the Mariam Global Health where he is the Chief Executive Officer. Being the CEO, he is often busy and runs on a very busy schedule. Nonetheless, Mark finds time to work with different charities that are related to health ( He supports them on different fronts including financial assistance and guidance-wise. The International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) is one of the many organizations that Mark Holterman supports.


IPSAC-VN mentioned in a recent press release that Holterman has been doing a lot for them over the years. The organization was keen to add that his efforts were so vital that they couldn’t have achieved some things without his help. The group which works with hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam is committed to providing the ill kids in the area with the latest surgical improvements that keep being invented. It allows willing donors to chip in the amount that they can to help these kids get back and retain their normal health.


IPSAC-VN has been asking for assistance in training of medical staff, lecturing students in areas that involve newly invented techniques that they are not familiar with, provision of patients care and carrying out of pediatric surgery (Doctors.Healthgrove). All these things are among what Mark Holterman has been doing over the years, and it is likely that they will benefit a lot from him.


Holterman education which he gained at Yale University has enabled him to help a large number of people. He studied biology there and proceeded to study at the University of Virginia where he got an MD. Holterman will continue to contribute a lot to various organizations around the world, especially those that deal with medical.


Stream Energy Repeats Successful Event for Women

When it comes to modern companies, it is rare to find one that truly cares about lifting up their associates and others around them. And with so much competition in the energy market, hardly any companies are investing in events and growing their associates with real knowledge. However, Stream Energy (now “Stream”) is changing up the game.


Stream Energy, founded twelve years ago in Texas, just put on its fourth annual Women in Power event (BBB). This event helps female associates get training on various aspects of business and grow their own business. Courses in this event feature “How to Be Your Own Boss” as well as training on mindfulness, confidence, and personal branding.


The company hopes to inspire women working with them to reach their unique potential and spread that light to others with their theme this year of “Shine.” The various speakers are well known and bring their unique experience to help these women as they grow their own companies. Among the headliners are Nicole Lapin (best selling author), Mellisa Mark Garner (corporate wellness expert), and Karen Leland (well-known business expert and influencer).


A corporate spokesperson said she hopes the women walk away with a new sense of power and direction ( Through this, the company plans to inspire their associates to sell more and help other customers with innovative products and services that are unique to the energy industry. They also hope to spread the empowerment message to women everywhere.


Stream Energy was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2005. The company is a direct selling organization that has innovated in the energy market to become the fastest growing company of its kind. Due to cutting out costs from advertising, they are able to extend special pricing to their customers across the nation.


In just twelve years, Stream Energy has grown to over $8 billion in revenue. They focus on offering connected life services to busy people always on the go. Among the services they provide are protective services, home services, wireless services, and energy services. The company offers services in every state while offering special ones in Texas, New York, Washington, D.C, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Georgia.

Jorge Moll Advocates for The Adoption of Innovative Technology by The Health Sector

The 21st century has seen the growth of technology beyond anyone’s earlier imagination. All areas of the global economy have seen the incorporation of new technology. One perfect example is the healthcare industry. The innovative technology that has been designed for the medical and healthcare system has revolutionized how medical care is given.


Unlike earlier times where medical personnel could complain of the lack of the necessary technology to better provide their services. The pharmaceutical sector currently has abundant technology that is both innovative and efficient that will improve the overall provision of health care.


Silicon Valley has been one of the leading providers of innovative medical solutions that are currently being adopted by multiple medical institutions (ResearchGate). The answers provided by Silicon Valley have led to the opening of new horizons in the pharmaceutical sector, this has led to the improvement of healthcare systems around the world.


Dr. Albert Chan is an executive at Sutter Health, a leading and reputable medical institution. Since his appointment to the position of vice president, Chan has been pushing for the integration of modern technology in the services provided by Sutter Health. The reason Chan is pushing for the adoption of new innovative technology is to improve the quality of healthcare the institution offers its patients.


During Dr. Chan’s visit to Brazil, he was able to discuss the importance of the adoption of new technology by Brazil’s healthcare providers. One of the stakeholders Chan was able to talk to include Jorge Moll, who currently owns the largest hospitals in Brazil ( During the lectures, talks, and summits that Chan and Jorge Moll were in attendance, a consensus on the importance of adoption of innovative technology was reached by the stakeholders.


The aim of this is to improve the quality of healthcare Brazilians are provided with. Jorge Moll is the founder and president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education and has been one of the advocates for the adoption of technology in the medical sector. One technology Jorge Moll wants healthcare institutions to adopt is the Google Glass technology.

The Successful Turn Around of Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian mid-sized public company that deals with the production of oil and natural gas. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Obsidian Energy owns and operates gas and oil fields throughout the Western Canada. The company shares do trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Currently, the company CEO and President is David L. French and David Hendry as the CFO.




Obsidian Energy Ltd was founded in 1979 under the name Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Over the years the company registered considerable growth in the industry reaching a market capitalization of over $9 billion in 2008. Between 2005 and 2011, the company operated under the Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). Due to the fluctuation of crude oil prices, Penn West Petroleum did experience operational as well as financial difficulties in 2014. It was faced with enormous debt, deficit balance sheet, and lawsuits.




For the next two years, Obsidian Energy underwent a massive restructuring from the ground up. It did dispose its assets to pay off some debts and were able to reduce it to $384 million from $4 billion. Further, they reduced its workforce from 1400 to 300. Also, they did cut the compensation paid to the board members and suspended payment of dividend to the shareholders. Consequently, they reduced their oil production from 135,000 barrels per day to 28,000.


After the restructuring, the company emerged stronger, learner, focused on its growth as well as excited about its future. On June this year, the shareholders approved changing of its name from Penn West Petroleum to Obsidian Energy. Speaking after the name change, the CEO, David French said that the company was opening a new chapter. He stated that, Obsidian is be guided by three principles namely “disciplined technical and commercial decision-making, relentless pursuit of progress and innovation, transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.”


With the new philosophy, Obsidian Energy has now crafted and streamlined its assets on the right platform. The current leadership and management, as well as the entire employees’ fraternity, are now working as a team to achieve the stated objectives. Their resolute commitment will surely drive Obsidian Energy back to the financial position they were before the unfortunate crisis.



Go Here to learn more about Obsidian Energy.

Obsidian Energy: Smaller, Faster, More Competitive

Obsidian Energy, in 2017 producing approximately 31,000 barrels of oil (BOE) per day, is an Alberta Canada Oil Company which is considered a mid-size petroleum company. Obsidian Energy produces a fraction of Canada’s 3.2 million barrels per day.


Alberta occupies an area of 250,000 sq. miles and is located in the western province of Canada. According to the 2016 census, Alberta has an approximate population of 4,067,175, being the fourth largest of Canada’s provinces.


In June of 2017, the Penn West Petroleum downsized and sold off part of its assets, having already cut the number of its employees by more than fifty percent. Penn West’s shareholders changed its name to Obsidian Energy to become profitable by reducing its costs to reflect the ongoing prices of oil and gas because in 2014 the Canadian price of crude oil dramatically fell.


As a result, the oil production of 135,000 BOE was reduced to 31,000 BOE per day. These changes were necessary, smart and gave Penn West’s shareholder’s time to reorganize and resurge as Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian’s oil and gas fields are adjacent to the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This basis is the source of the globe’ s significant petroleum reserves, which are located in Alberta’s Peace River oil sands, the Alberta Viking, and the Pembina Cardium.


Obsidian Energy and China Investment Corporation of a joint venture named the Peace River Operated Partnership. This joint venture enjoys proper positioning and controls of a significant portion of the crude oil resource that is capable of cold-flow production.


David L. French is the President and CEO of Obsidian Energy. He formerly was employed as the President and CEO of Bankers Petroleum Ltd. which is located in Calgary which also operated in Southeastern Europe. Rice University granted French graduated from Harvard Business School and earned an MBA and a mechanical engineering B.A. from Rice University.


French has announced a resurgence in Obsidian’s financial health as viewed by an increase of drilling in the third quarter of 2017 and is confident that this economic improvement will continue into 2018.


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Robert Thikoll’s Road To Success

While Robert Thikoll is incredibly excited about technological advancements, he firmly believes that interactions and relationships with human beings are what determines how successful an individual will be. Thikoll currently serves as Vice President of Operational Excellence at Ingersoll Rand, a company that focuses on improving quality of life. Ingersoll Rand is the parent company of several popular brands including Trane®, Club Car®, Ingersoll Rand® and Thermo King®.

Robert Thikoll’s role at Ingersoll Rand involves furthering growth and development, implementing lean initiatives and working alongside the company’s senior leaders to promote higher margins. This requires Thikoll to have strong communication skills, the ability to work with others, excellent time management skills and leadership abilities.

Mr. Thikoll has an impressive work history that allows him to excel at his vice president position. After graduating from Arizona State University with degrees in both Political Science and Japanese, Thikoll moved to Japan and played an important role at the Aisin Takaoka Company. After eight years in Asia, Thikoll returned to the United States and was employed by Danaher for more than 15 years. He was the proud recipient of numerous accolades for his work in global industries and was eventually promoted to a vice president position.

Robert Thikoll is always on the go. He feels that people are most productive when they’re in touch with their own biorhythm. Since Robert is most productive in the morning he schedules the majority of his meetings early in the day. Then he builds off of that momentum to carry him through the day.

Robert Thikoll is proud to be known as a mentor among his colleagues. If he could go back in time, and mentor his younger self, he would tell himself that his elbows are too sharp. It’s possible to be successful in the business world without being hostile.