Stream Energy Repeats Successful Event for Women

When it comes to modern companies, it is rare to find one that truly cares about lifting up their associates and others around them. And with so much competition in the energy market, hardly any companies are investing in events and growing their associates with real knowledge. However, Stream Energy (now “Stream”) is changing up the game.


Stream Energy, founded twelve years ago in Texas, just put on its fourth annual Women in Power event (BBB). This event helps female associates get training on various aspects of business and grow their own business. Courses in this event feature “How to Be Your Own Boss” as well as training on mindfulness, confidence, and personal branding.


The company hopes to inspire women working with them to reach their unique potential and spread that light to others with their theme this year of “Shine.” The various speakers are well known and bring their unique experience to help these women as they grow their own companies. Among the headliners are Nicole Lapin (best selling author), Mellisa Mark Garner (corporate wellness expert), and Karen Leland (well-known business expert and influencer).


A corporate spokesperson said she hopes the women walk away with a new sense of power and direction ( Through this, the company plans to inspire their associates to sell more and help other customers with innovative products and services that are unique to the energy industry. They also hope to spread the empowerment message to women everywhere.


Stream Energy was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2005. The company is a direct selling organization that has innovated in the energy market to become the fastest growing company of its kind. Due to cutting out costs from advertising, they are able to extend special pricing to their customers across the nation.


In just twelve years, Stream Energy has grown to over $8 billion in revenue. They focus on offering connected life services to busy people always on the go. Among the services they provide are protective services, home services, wireless services, and energy services. The company offers services in every state while offering special ones in Texas, New York, Washington, D.C, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Georgia.