Dr. Mark Holterman’s contributions to the medical sector

Dr. Mark Holterman is not the normal doctor you meet. He has done more than the usual doctor stuff that involves basic diagnosis and treatment. Mark works tirelessly to come up with new therapies which aim at benefitting patients suffering from various illnesses. Apart from this, he also performs complex surgeries and educates people through the use of lectures and articles. He has also been working at the University of Illinois, where he teaches students. The professor guides the surgical residents and medical students on various medical processes as he teaches them to perfect at their job.


The list of the important services that he gives to various groups is endless. He currently works at the Mariam Global Health where he is the Chief Executive Officer. Being the CEO, he is often busy and runs on a very busy schedule. Nonetheless, Mark finds time to work with different charities that are related to health (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-holterman-70087863). He supports them on different fronts including financial assistance and guidance-wise. The International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) is one of the many organizations that Mark Holterman supports.


IPSAC-VN mentioned in a recent press release that Holterman has been doing a lot for them over the years. The organization was keen to add that his efforts were so vital that they couldn’t have achieved some things without his help. The group which works with hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam is committed to providing the ill kids in the area with the latest surgical improvements that keep being invented. It allows willing donors to chip in the amount that they can to help these kids get back and retain their normal health.


IPSAC-VN has been asking for assistance in training of medical staff, lecturing students in areas that involve newly invented techniques that they are not familiar with, provision of patients care and carrying out of pediatric surgery (Doctors.Healthgrove). All these things are among what Mark Holterman has been doing over the years, and it is likely that they will benefit a lot from him.


Holterman education which he gained at Yale University has enabled him to help a large number of people. He studied biology there and proceeded to study at the University of Virginia where he got an MD. Holterman will continue to contribute a lot to various organizations around the world, especially those that deal with medical.