How Matthew Autterson Benefited The Denver Zoo

Matthew Autterson is a business executive who lives in the Denver, Colorado area. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree, as well as the University of Denver where in 1981 he attended a graduate tax program. For close to 20 years he was the president of Resources Trust Company, a Colorado state-chartered trust company. He left this company in May 2001 after it was acquired by Fiserv.


In July 2001, Matthew Autterson became the managing partner of GL3B Partners Limited, LLP, an investment firm he continues to manage. In 2013 he joined a startup called CNS Biosciences, Inc. as the firm’s president and CEO. This company was established by Dr. Scott Falci who also created a nonprofit called Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Matthew Autterson serves on this nonprofit’s board of directors and helps in its mission to bring independence to those who have neuromotor disabilities. He has volunteered his time and business expertise like this a number of times over the years. He was the board chairman for The Denver Hospice for 15 years and also served the Webb-Waring Foundation as a board member for two years. Additionally, for over 16 years he served as the finance chair for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of YPO. YPO is a worldwide nonprofit that is dedicated to providing CEO’s support in how to become business leaders.


The Denver Zoo is a nonprofit that Matthew Autterson had been associated with for many years because of its commitment to animal welfare. He has served as both a board representative and the vice chairman of finance for the Denver Zoological Foundation in the past. One of his biggest successes for the Denver Zoo occurred in 2000 when he hosted the Do at the Zoo. View Related Info Here.


For the Do at the Zoo, Matthew Autterson drew upon his extensive professional connections in order to draw in 2,500 guests (in comparison the prior Do at the Zoo only had 325 attendees). He was able to raise about $600,000 for the zoo as well as several new zoo sponsors. The money was raised in order to install a new children’s carousel. The carousel, the only one like it in the Rocky Mountains, has hand-carved reproductions of endangered animals. It has become a big attraction over the years for the youngest guests at the Denver Zoo.



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