Stream Energy Supports the Less Fortunate through its Philanthropic Arm

Situated in Dallas, Stream Energy is a leading global company that utilizes direct selling to offer energy to clients. The company is also prominent for giving back to the Dallas community. It operates its charity projects through the philanthropic organization, Stream Cares. Over the years, this philanthropic arm has officially initiated its charitable efforts in the US and Texas. Stream Energy has also worked with like-minded organizations to support the less fortunate and alleviate pain from the people living in its surroundings. For instance, when natural disaster destroyed some part of North Texas, Stream partnered with the Salvation Army to assist individuals who initially lost their assets. The company raised funds to match each dollar that its associates raised. As such, the funds doubled thereby having a significant impact on those who were affected.

Background Information

Stream Energy has worked with various individuals including veterans from Dallas to provide financial support. The company also works with the families of these people to provide emotional support. It offered transportation to military veterans alongside their families for a unique lunch session held at the Texas restaurant. Stream Energy has also worked with different military families on various occasions in the past. For every ten families from the military, the organization covered housing-associated expenses when it assisted in co-hosting the American Girl Doll Experience.

Contribution and Support

Stream has also worked with Hope Supply Co. The firm has been serving the less fortunate for more than 20 years. Situated in North Texas, Hope Supply Co. is devoted to providing shelter to the homeless. The organization also supplies diapers, school items, and clothing to needy children. Stream Energy has joined the charity organization in its effort to raise funds for these children. The enterprise also handles the financial costs associated with entrance fees for the Texas Homeless Children Fun Day. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Dallas. Stream was one of the main responders to this strategy. The company raised funds in order to help in the recovery process. Stream commits its resources towards supporting the people it serves. The firm is prepared to partner with different communities to assist the less fortunate.

Agera Energy Today

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In business since 2014, Agera Energy wants to offer customers the best plans in energy, electricity, and natural gas. The prices of energy and electricity have gone up throughout the years and so Agera Energy is there to bring their customers budget-friendly rates while also bringing them a plan that meets their needs for their home or business. They also give back to people in several different ways through community food and clothing drives that help less fortunate people through America.

Agera Energy has great revenue and providing quality customer service to each customet is a important deal to Agera Energy. They want their customers to know they can get a plan that is right for them and that will save them money on their energy and natural gas bills. Agera Energy has many positive customer testimonials of people who have experienced great business with Agera Energy.