Jorge Moll Advocates for The Adoption of Innovative Technology by The Health Sector

The 21st century has seen the growth of technology beyond anyone’s earlier imagination. All areas of the global economy have seen the incorporation of new technology. One perfect example is the healthcare industry. The innovative technology that has been designed for the medical and healthcare system has revolutionized how medical care is given.


Unlike earlier times where medical personnel could complain of the lack of the necessary technology to better provide their services. The pharmaceutical sector currently has abundant technology that is both innovative and efficient that will improve the overall provision of health care.


Silicon Valley has been one of the leading providers of innovative medical solutions that are currently being adopted by multiple medical institutions (ResearchGate). The answers provided by Silicon Valley have led to the opening of new horizons in the pharmaceutical sector, this has led to the improvement of healthcare systems around the world.


Dr. Albert Chan is an executive at Sutter Health, a leading and reputable medical institution. Since his appointment to the position of vice president, Chan has been pushing for the integration of modern technology in the services provided by Sutter Health. The reason Chan is pushing for the adoption of new innovative technology is to improve the quality of healthcare the institution offers its patients.


During Dr. Chan’s visit to Brazil, he was able to discuss the importance of the adoption of new technology by Brazil’s healthcare providers. One of the stakeholders Chan was able to talk to include Jorge Moll, who currently owns the largest hospitals in Brazil ( During the lectures, talks, and summits that Chan and Jorge Moll were in attendance, a consensus on the importance of adoption of innovative technology was reached by the stakeholders.


The aim of this is to improve the quality of healthcare Brazilians are provided with. Jorge Moll is the founder and president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education and has been one of the advocates for the adoption of technology in the medical sector. One technology Jorge Moll wants healthcare institutions to adopt is the Google Glass technology.