Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Fresh Look on Options – The Knockout

Why do companies hesitate to give stock options to employees? There are many issues here. Let’s examine three of them.


The first is that the value of the stock may plunge to a level where it will be disadvantageous for employees to exercise their option. The companies and employees are, however, required to report the associated expenses, creating an extra burden.


In the opinion of some employees, these options are more like casino tokens than real cash.


The staff prefers getting higher salaries rather than these options. The options create an added accounting burden and become a financial disadvantage.


These options also have their benefits. It is easier for the staff to understand stock options in comparison to additional salary, equities, etc.


One important aspect is that the value of the option is directly related to the success of the company. This, in turn, will encourage employees to put in more effort toward the company’s success.


The tax structure favors companies to give out option as opposed to shares.


One solution is the give what is known as a “knockout” option. These will be time bound and also lose its value if the share falls by a defined amount. E.g., an employee will receive an option allowing her to buy the stock at $150. If it is the “knockout” kind, it will expire if the value of the share drops below, say, $75.



Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a “boutique” law firm with a specialty in advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams, and corporations regarding matters of compensation and corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein chairs the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He is a well-known speaker and writer on his specialty.


Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the Professional Advisory Board of his alma mater, NYU’s Journal of Law and Business. He is also active in several charities.


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Securus Technologies Providing Law Enforcement Officers With Advanced Crime Prevention Technology

There are many companies in the correctional industry that are trying to grab the significant market share of this booming industry. However, one of the companies that have been able to make its mark in the industry in a short period is Securus Technologies. The company has made remarkable inventions in the industry that has helped the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies tremendously.


Securus Technologies has a vast product portfolio that makes it easier for the inmates to communicate with their friends and family. Some of the services offered by Securus Technologies involve phone services, video services, money transfer services, kiosks, photo sharing services, jail voicemail, and more. These services are beneficial for the prisoners to stay in contact with their relatives during incarceration. The best part is that the services provided by Securus Technologies come at a price that is often the fraction of what other service providers charge.


Securus Technologies does not only provide inmate communication services but also offer crime prevention and investigative technology that is helpful for the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agencies need to use the high-end crime prevention technology these days to stay ahead of the criminals and gather evidence to convict the offenders in the court of law. The LBS and Investigation Pro services offered by Securus Technologies have proven to be highly useful to the law enforcement officers.


In a recent move, the company published a press release on the internet that mentioned the comments made by the law enforcement officers about how the products and services of Securus Technologies are highly useful and productive for the law enforcement agencies. It helps the law enforcement personnel to gather critical information, which allows them to prevent crime and ensure that the criminals in the society, inside and outside of prison, are kept in check.



How Louis Chenevert Guided UTC to Unmatched Success

Louis Chenevert is no doubt one of the most influential businessmen in the globe. The French-Canadian businessman attended HEC Montreal where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management. His brilliance, principles, and passion for technology were crucial in propelling him to the top. Other companies and leaders use Chenevert’s beliefs, ideas and decision-making skills to grow their businesses. He began his extraordinary career by working at General Motors for over a decade, even becoming the General Manager, Production. He then joined Pratt & Whitney where his exemplary performance influenced his appointment as president of the firm. Chenevert was later elected UTC’s president and CEO. He has managed to steer UTC to success with excellent innovations in the aerospace technology industry.

It is worth noting that Chenevert became CEO at a time when companies were struggling because of the great recession but still realized the objectives of the company. He managed to complete the acquisition of Goodrich at $18.4 billion, in one of the major aerospace deals in history. He stepped in to supply the US Air Force with an alternate engine through Pratt & Whitney. Under his watch, the price of the company’s shares shot up by 200% earning UTC high returns. The way he managed employees at UTC showed that he cared for the stability and success of the company. Employees were moved to areas where their skills and knowledge were needed most, thereby ensuring no employee lost his/her job and he met the company’s production goals. Chenevert’s commitment to the development of all UTC employees is also evident as the company sponsors tens of thousands of these employees who are interested in furthering their studies. The mutual relationship between the leadership of UTC and its employees ensured the firm’s departments performed exceptionally well during this period and Chenevert invested more into modern technology. He believed that a company would only succeed if it spent money on the right technology.

Chenevert exited from the helm of leadership at UTC in the December of 2014. Though a new leader has taken charge, he still adheres to the standards that Louis Chenevert set at UTC. After resigning from UTC, Chenevert took up a role as an Exclusive Advisor to Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division.

Sawyer Howitt: The Man Behind Many Business Passions

Businesses today have to stay up to date with all the trends, and with the millennial generation fast-approaching and thriving, it is always necessary to bring the best ideas on the forefront of any business’ ideals and vision.

The millennial generation is known for their youthful energy and passion for what they do. They may be fickle. They may be easily distracted. Their attention span may have gotten easily compromised by the internet tech, but they’re still a creative bunch.

This vision is the belief that Sawyer Howitt shares, and in an article in Medium, he wrote some of the best ideas that he gathered in his experience as an entrepreneur so that many people will enjoy and learn a lot from them.

Starting a Business

It’s always easy to start a business, but what is hard for the millennial generation to do is start a business that answers a real need, a real problem, a significant challenge. With the answers that businesses today provide, there are still many gaps in finding the right answers to all these questions. Sawyer Howitt also featured in the Medium blog post the methods he wrote about regarding some of the guidelines that the young ones should learn from the business experts today. The experience Sawyer had as an entrepreneur also proved worthy of being valued by the current generation.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is today’s project manager of Meriwether Group and takes pride in making sure that businesses and entrepreneurs grow while in the industry they’re in today.

With his involvement in different projects in finance and business, many liberal groups thank him for all his projects. His leadership proves worthy of the praises that he got, and he is now the leader in every project that he got involved in right now.

The leaders today always take pride in also becoming the operation and financial head of various businesses. With his leadership at Meriwether Group, he is now a committed trusted advisor to many endeavors for many companies. It is also the vision of Sawyer Howitt to provide the best ideas in the market that pay attention to all the demands and changes of the consumers’ changing needs.

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The Excellent Health Care Solutions That IDLife Offers To The World

IDLife is a firm that is recognized across the United States for the outstanding health and wellness products that it offers. Its main offices are located in Frisco, Texas. The company currently uses network marketing strategies in selling its products to clients.

IDlife is committed to manufacturing customized nutritional supplements that suit every customer since it knows that everyone has different health needs. It does online assessments that offer various questions to the clients. The questionnaires ask interested clients about their medical history, physical state, dietary, lifestyle, and personal life. The firm does the evaluation since people have different body chemistry.

The products that IDLife manufactures offer its clients a 30-day money back guarantee. The company produces a broad range of nutritional supplements that can heal people suffering from different conditions. The supplements that IDLife offers are not FDA-regulated or approved. It is therefore essential for anyone who wishes to join the nutritional supplements plan to visit a primary care professional for assistance.

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IDLife has high-quality products that have made it be regarded as a top firm in the vitamins and supplements business. The industry currently generates an average of $23 billion per annum in the United States. It also has several entities, and the top five manufacturers enjoy about 20 percent of the market. IDLife has an excellent multilevel marketing plan that allows people to build a business by selling its products directly. Individuals only need to create a network by referring friends, family, and different people that they may know. According to research, the United States’ MLM sector generated over $157 billion in 2011. In the same year, the field had over 15.6 million direct sellers, and they earned a total income of over $20.87 billion.

The firm currently manufactures a broad array of nutritional supplements. They include IDLife EnergyShot, IDLife Appetite Control, IDLife Sleep, IDLife Shake, IDLife Kids, IDLife Skin Care, and IDLife Nutrition. The main aim of the products is to offer clients a healthy lifestyle. The success of IDLife can be attributed to its executive team. They include Logan Stout (CEO), Mark Bennett (COO), and Joe O’ Connor (CFO).

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